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The relationship between the board, CEO and staff

Truth is born in disputes. However, when it comes to managing a company, it is necessary to seek it or make decisions through compromises. It is an exclusively internal corporate issue if different management bodies have different visions. So, here are more about relationships between the board, CEO, and staff.  The board and CEO Since […]

How Board Portals Support Fund Service Providers?

Using a board portal in the work of the board of directors is an important step and tool aimed at improving the quality of fund services` operations. This article will consider the ways the software improves these operations. The functionality of the board of the fund service In their most clear form, the board of […]

Is Your Nonprofit Board Focused on the Right Things?

This article will analyze the role of the board of directors in the functionality of nonprofit organizations and describe the use of a board management portal to increase collegial bodies’ productivity. The peculiarities of the board’s functionality in a nonprofit organization Improving corporate governance is the most important measurement required to enhance the stability and […]